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graffiti e, Stockwell by duncan on Flickr.


The A-Z of a Party

Oh Joy was launched 2005 in Los Angeles as a graphic design studio with various licensed products, as lifestyle videos and a daily blog with a focus on design, fashion, food, and joyful moments from everyday life. Coming from Los Angeles there is a team of five motivated people who created this collection for the spring time. Colourful and joyous these two words fit perfectly to the Oh Joy Team and their fantastic work. Enjoy it!

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This shit is insane! Great 10 minute documentary on the brilliant but vanishing art of neon sign making in Hong Kong.



A new work by Alex Trochut illustrator, designer and typograph from New York, USA. This collection speaks the truth about how things look from the inside, and helps one express everything that’s happening up there in all its messy glory. The letters get a certain dynamic through the extra shaping and colourized scratches coming out of the black original stem. He makes fashion out of a simple letter.

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Alphabetic photography

Bela Borsodi is a photographer fom Vienna, Austria. Currently living in New York he studied graphic design and never lost the love for visual elements and typography while practicing editorial and advertising photography. V Magazine and Times are great fans of his work and that is rightfully because he has a great eye for special combinations of materials, space and people. We love his work for WAD Magazine in which he explores typography with things and surroundings of daily life. Have fun watching!

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Dream Script by Lian Types (30% off until April 5th).

From the creators of String, a script font in the list of best fonts of the year, now it comes: Dream Script, designed by Maximiliano Spoveiro.

He describe his own font in this way:

One of my dreams as a type-designer was making a good looking chancery cursive. Full of life, like some of the best calligraphers around the world do on their artworks. 
With Julian Waters, John Stevens and Denis Brown (just to name a few of them) (1) chancery, or italic script, was transformed into a new, exciting and very fresh style of calligraphy mainly at the end of 20th Century.

Dream Script may be that dream named above made true. I have been practicing chancery in the way I learnt from those calligraphers for many years now. 
Making a font out of my ink-sketches was a tough work, since they were closer of -being art- than of -being type-. However, this font rescues many aspects of handmade calligraphy: You have to look at it really close to notice it is actually a font, and that was one of my goals. 
The secret of a good looking chancery is on its subtle details: pen angle is constantly changing, even on the strokes which seem straight. Capitals and swashes have to be done a little faster than lowercase letters. The rhythm has to be even, in spite of its playful look. 
The fact that makes Dream look alive is that it has many alternates per glyph. This makes each word look unique like it happens in calligraphy: you will find alternates for the beginning/ending of a word/phrase, some for the middle of it, some interchangeable. 
Also, to accompany the script, you will find Dream Caps, which was inspired in the eternally beautiful trajan capitals. Place them like I did on the posters and you will have great results for sure.

The font works great in small, middle and big sizes and can be a great election for magazines, wedding invitations, perfumes, and posters.

Close your eyes, and Dream with me…

See the lovely details here: http://myfonts.us/zgI4h4

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