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Love script
by Neil Summerour


Cake by Frame

It’s Fall Y’all - Kim Panella


It’s Fall Y’all - Kim Panella

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Brush believer

Colin Thierney graphic designer and brushdrawing lover from Baltimore, Maryland enjoys creating awesome lettering artworks. Along with his passion for design he is a great fan of music, basketball and the runt of kitten litters. Curating also in the Blog “in a brush” he is one of the top leading brush painters international. Enjoy his work.


Type Stress Animationby Roy Veldkamp


Friday Free Font 72

PORT118 is a 100% free uppercase typeface inspired by port cities and the typography on ships that pass by their shores and lay in the docks. A strong, clear typeface that fits their character. Made by Thomas Breure, designer from Rotterdam Netherlands and ready for maritime projects and interesting headlines.

Download Port118 free font

Type Safari with James Victore

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Sol Beer, Sign painting and Chalk lettering from Jackson Alves


Typeverything.com - Lettering techniques by Martina Flor.

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2.13 Mizumono

"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting."

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Typostrate video wednesday 50

The gentleman of letters is about sign painting in Dublin. Dublin has a rich history of hand painted signs decorating the city. Although it is not as common today, the craft still continues. This film shows you a craft that has been rare but some old lettering specialists and typographers enjoy and love this profession. Have fun watching!

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Calligraphy Extravaganza
by Seb Lester